Thirty Araura College students were recognised on Friday for their excellent qualities when they formally became prefects and

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Prefects Ruanoo Mose, Ake Mauke, Ona Benioni, Dorothy Carl and Tepaeru Toka.

student councillors.

In a moving ceremony at the college hall, about 300 students, parents and local dignitaries watched each student receive their badge and be laden with ei by friends and family.

Principal Enoa Raea says the college hasn’t had prefects since 2002 and this is the first time councillors have been ever been appointed.

Raea says all students were chosen for their leadership qualities, commitment to doing well and humility.

He says the prefects are chosen to assist teachers and councilors to give students a voice to express their views and concerns.

Mayor John Baxter sent the message to all students that as the future leaders of the island, school is where it all begins. He urged all to consider each day a new canvas in which they paint with the colours they choose, “but at the end of the day don’t wish that you painted it differently.”

As a former student of Araura College, Baxter said he had a vision, “I wanted to be prime minister…I’m getting there.

“Make sure your visions are big, that vision will be with you for the rest of your life.”

Araura College Student Councillors: Demi Monga, Elizabeth Paulo, Teariki Solomona, Plumber Nicholls, Kathleen Ngatokorua, Tiare Marama Tekeu, Terangi Upokomanu, Dean Tetuaiteroi, Ei Htoo Eain, Leonard Roa, Penelope Charlie, Bouillard Davis, Rebecca Ratu, Bouchard Solomona, Aererangi Pera (treasurer), Moana Riro, Maara Tauu, Rio Kavana, Tapita Toroma (secretary), Strickland Charlie (chairman)

Prefects: Ona Benioni, Alexander Blenkarn (head boy), Dorothy Carl (head girl), Tokoono Jessie (deputy head boy), Aketainga Mauke, Geohnas Ratu, Ruanoo Mose (deputy head girl), Tetevano Tikaka, Tepaeru Toka, George Toka