araura college

New students should report to the office, then to the Head of Form; fill in the enrolment form and be interviewed (recorded in Kamar). The Withdrawal/ Enrolment officer will enter the new student into Kamar.


The student gets a Leaving certificate and form from the Head of Form. The Principal or DP indicates on the form that the parent’s permission is given. Each subject teacher who indicates if debts are to be paid for resources fills in the form.

On completion of the form and after debts have been paid the student goes to the office where the clearance form is signed by the principal. The Withdrawal/ Enrolment appointee withdraws the student from Kamar. The admission card and clearance form are placed in the personal file and stored in alphabetical in the storeroom as “Leaver’s file”.


Testimonials will only be given to students who have been officially cleared.
Student requests from the principal who issues forms to subject teachers (plus one or two other nominated teachers if requested).

Teachers write a testimonial using the correct school letterhead and return to the principal.A copy is kept in the personal file.

All senior students who decide to leave school at the end of the year must complete a senior clearance form at the end of the school year.

No award, prize or certificate will be awarded to them unless they fill in the form.