Facilities booking

Facilities booking and Equipment Hire

Ararua College owns a number of  facilities for student and staff to use.

To book or to make an inquiry please use the contact form below.

Rates charged per item

Chairs – $0.50 per day Tables – $5 per day Mattresses – Not to be hired out of school. Note: Chairs and Tables will be FREE to church and Funerals. ONLY 100 chairs will be permitted for hire and non hire.

Facilities available for private use:

Hall Hire

Night games (No Chairs & Tables) – $25 Weddings, Haircutting, Birthdays ect. (Includes Chairs & Tables ONLY) – $100 Day time use – No Charge Night time use by the Community – Donations Accepted 

Class Room Hire

Campus Reunion ect (Includes Hall, Showers & Toilets) – $50 per day per classroom NOTE: If the hall is hired for other activities it must be available at all times. Workshops, Meetings – No Change but donations accepted.

Use of Computers

Courses – $100 per day (Whole computer room) Note: This applies to computers, printer use ONLY. There will not be any use of the INTERNET


  1. ALL clients are reminded that payments must be made to the School Secretary, this will be receipted. The receipt must be shown to the  teacher in charge for verification before items are released.
  2. Smoking and alcohol is prohibited on the school grounds at all times.
  3. Any damages during the duration of hire must be paid by the applicant.


This document was completed & endorsed by the Finance Committee